Movie Poster Challenge

Sep 13th, 2019


A documentary

Ivory follows a young pianist, inspired to make a lifelong commitment to protecting a herd of African Elephants after learning of the horrors of poaching. Through the power of music and community, he strives to leave a lasting impact,... as elephants never forget.

Autumn and I aimed to incorporate an elephant silhouette and a piano keyboard into the design, but had some trouble figuring out a way to add the keyboard to our first draft poster (shown second below) in a way that complemented the aesthetic. We were quite happy with the tusks used as the "V" in Ivory, though. In the end, we decided to place the keyboard in its final position below the title. Due to time constraints and apparently insufficient Adobe Illustrator mastery, we weren't able to have the tusks appear in front of the keyboard as we would have hoped.